This Mindful All-Day Retreat is included in the 8-week Mindfulness Course with Diana Shimkus. The retreat day is open to all Mindfulness course graduates, practitioners, friends and those wishing to practice in community. Mindful All Day Retreats are held at the Questhaven Retreat Center in San Marcos, CA. Dates for Mindful All Day’s coincide with the 8-week course schedules and are usually held once a quarter in March, June and November. 

Upcoming dates for Mindful All-Day retreat times will be held on NOVEMBER 9, 2019 at Questhaven Retreat Center. RSVP REQUIRED. Please complete the form below.
Please bring a beach chair, cushion, sun protection and water bottle for your comfort. It can be quite warm and sunny at Questhaven, so hat, cool clothing and water bottle are recommended.

Day-long retreats are a useful expansion and re-initiation into practice and a way to fill the well of our own being through continuous practice as we “re”-member the value, benefit and gift of mindful awareness and presence in our lives.

  • The day begins at 9:00am and ends at 4:00pm. Half-day practice period options are also available.

  • This day is offered at no charge to those currently enrolled in a mindfulness course with Diana. Requested donation is $35. Dana for the teacher a teachings is graciously accepted and not included in the $35 cost of the retreat space. All additional donations to the teacher are gratefully received.

  • Please arrive by 8:45am as we begin sitting promptly at 9:00. The day will end at approximately 4:00pm, though participants may be leaving at transition times throughout the day.

  • Remember to bring a water bottle and a thermal container for hot beverage. Water and hot tea will be available.

  • Please bring a sack lunch. Refrigeration is available.

  • If you enjoy a sitting cushion, please bring one. There will be a few to share. There are plenty of chairs if that is how you are most comfortable. A blanket, pillows and/or yoga mat will be helpful during floor practices throughout the day.

  • We will be going outdoors, weather permitting. Bring shoes for walking, easily removable shoes, a beach chair and a blanket for rest periods.

  • The temperature can be variable both indoors and out. A hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and jacket are useful.

  • Wear layered, loose clothing for the day, especially during warm weather.

  • Please do not wear fragrances as those near you may have sensitivities.

The day will include noble silence of the participants. This means that we will set the intention to be both inwardly and outwardly still and silent until otherwise directed. Please leave watches and cell phones off or leave your cellphone outside of the meditation hall space.  Opportunities to check you devices will be made available.

There will be mindful movement periods throughout the day.  Participate based upon your ability.

Mindful All-Day Retreat: NOV. 9, 2019 (9:00 - 4:00 PM)

Donation to the teacher for all-day retreat are not included in the space cost. All donations are gratefully received. THANK YOU.

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Mindful Half-Day Retreat: NOVEMBER 9, 2019 (AM or PM)

Donation to the teacher for half-day retreat are not included in the space cost. All donations are gratefully received. THANK YOU.

Half day retreat option times include 9 AM to 12 PM OR 1 PM to 4 PM.

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Familiarize yourself with directions ahead of time.  Typical GPS systems do not have correct directions to  Questhaven Retreat Center.