SPRING 2019 Residential and Commuter Retreat Options 

AWAKENING JOY - 10 Steps to Happiness

Led by Diana Shimkus, Founding Teacher of EMC, with the Encinitas Mindfulness Community (EMC co-teachers) and friends. We will be opening early-bird 15% discount registration for residential and commuter retreat options begin on Friday, Jan. 15 - March 25, 2019. Participation in the retreat does not require attendance in the Tuesday study series beginning on Tuesdays, Jan. 29-May 21, 2019. Invitations will be sent. If you are not on our current email list, please send a request for an invitation.

Please visit the EMC website using the button below to get more information and registration for the Spring Mindfulness Retreat - held from Wednesday, April 3 through Saturday, April 6, 2019During the retreat, we will be expanding our practice, inviting deeper inquiry into aspects of joy that is boundless, limitless, birthless and deathless. Mindfulness practice is an essential foundation for the cultivation of unconditional joy, happiness and ease in the face of the truth of impermanence and the continuous process of change through aging, illness, loss and death.  Where then can joy be found? It is in every breath, and every moment in which we are awake to offer love, kindness, compassion, wisdom and equanimity.

*****SILENT RETREAT OPTION: Monday, April 1-3, 2019
In addition, Diana will be offering a 2-day silent retreat for those who are looking for time in intense practice with support.  Diana will meet with all participants at the start of the retreat to establish an individual practice intention and plan, established specifically for the practitioner's current practice aspirations.  There will be NO FOOD SERVICE provided for this 3-day retreat.

The Tuesday Study Group begins on Tuesday, Jan. 29nd at 7:00 AM .  We will be using the text, AWAKENING JOY by James Baraz. The 18-week curriculum will be offered from Tuesdays, Jan. 29th - May 28, 2019 at 7:05 AM at The Soul of Yoga, 627 N. Encinitas Blvd, Encinitas, CA or by live Zoom Meeting or archived meetings available on this site at AWAKENING JOY COURSE tab.

RETREATS are held at: Questhaven Retreat Center San Marcos, California. Questhaven is nestled among chaparral-covered hills in north-east San Diego County. The grounds encompass one square mile of coastal wilderness traversed by several miles of nature trails offering hilltop vistas, shaded oak sanctuaries, wayside shrines, seasonal streams, and a variety of wildflowers, birds and wildlife. From time in nature, we find release from the stress of our daily lives and come to the pristine stillness and silence of pure awareness. 

2019 Residential and Commuter Retreats

The growth and development of your mindfulness practice occurs through the continued deepening and sustaining of longer practice periods.  Sustaining practice for one or more days in extended practice periods shifts our attention and awareness inward to assist in accessing more continuous stillness and silence.  Retreat practice is time out from your daily responsibilities, allowing for a rich and beneficial opportunity for practice and its benefits within the pristine and loving arms of sangha, holding stillness and silence with and for you!

Retreats are held at Questhaven Retreat Center in San Marcos, CA.   Please RSVP at button to the right above and select full-day or half-day options for the Mindful All-Day on Saturday, March 16, 2019 from 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM.

Mindfulness graduates and friends are welcome to attend from 9:00am – 4:00 pm.

$35.00 is a requested donation to cover the cost of the space.  Dana or offering for the teachings and the teacher are graciously accepted and always welcome.  There will be a basket for such offerings at the retreat site.  Thank you always for your kindness and generosity!